In January of 2016, I was seeking the Lord about the next season in my life and His will for me. In prayer and fasting, the Lord woke me early one Sunday morning at 4:30 and challenged my heart with a simple question that still resonates in my heart to this day. He spoke to me, “McKenzie is full of darkness, what are you doing about it?” Little did I know that over the next few weeks and through a series of life changing events, New Beginnings Assembly of God was being birthed in me! On February 29th 2016, I sent an email that put wheels in motion where there was no turning back. My decision was made, and my heart was set on the vision that the Lord had given me for McKenzie. The details of the story are still being written!

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  1. Gloribel Ramirez

    I’m so excited for you all!!! A world CHANGERS family, and all for the glory of GOD! And like you said, it only started with a whisper, a dream, what at TESTIMONY, friends!!!
    Proud of you! And I’m praying for you!!! God bless you all!!!

    1. Thomas Whitt

      Thanks so much!!!!